Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic “Primary Health Care” access to all

By | March 11, 2018

True! What is the use of material wealth unless a person can enjoy it?
Health is Wealth, if a man is ill, not even all the wealth of the world can bring him happiness. He will feel miserable with pain and fear. Yes, the ultimate fear to death on the other hand, if a man is healthy, he can work hard and hope to become wealthy one day, and contribute in country’s economy and development.

During the dark ages such was the situation that people died of diseases when common and easily curable diseases, there was no cure for any one of them, and in modern age most of the people unable to access to even primary health an if some have they face hard time to access.
We complain for no dispensary in colonies, children accompanied with parent used to walk to approach big hospitals even for suffering minor ailments.

What is AAM Clinic?

Govt. of NCT of Delhi has initiated a very historic improvement in primary healthcare and made them available to people/society in large. This remarkable system known in the name of Aam admi Mohalla clinic , which has been conceptualized as a mechanism to provide quality primary health care services accessible within the communities in Delhi at their doorstep

It’s aim to provide Following services: –

a. Basic medical care based on standard treatment protocols which include curative care for common illnesses like fever, diarrhoea, skin problems, respiratory problems etc., first aid for injuries and burns, dressing and management of minor wounds and referral services.
b. All lab investigations are to be carried out by the empanelled laboratory for the clinic.
c. All drugs as per the essential drug list shall be provided free of cost to the patients.
d. Preventive services such as antenatal and postnatal care of pregnant women, assessment of nutritional status and counselling and preventive and promotive component of National/State Health Programmes.
e. Health information, education and awareness.

Opinion :

No doubts these clinics contributing major role in minimizing unnecessary crowd in hospitals while accomplishing government’s healthcare objectives and benefiting needy people. this concept ought to be taken as an example and implement on Panchayat level throughout the country.


Download Complete list of AAM clinic Availability and location

Download list of aam Aadmi Mohalla clinics Porta Cabins

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