How to beat the Heat this summer

By | September 12, 2018

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another – Mahatma Gandhi.

Summer has arrived and the temperature is on its peak, weather bureau had already warned about the high temperature and heat weave.

Have we ever wonder why is this consistent rise in temperature?

Yes! We can blame global warming, But the truth is.. this monster has created by so called intelligent human.

many people who are privileged and enjoy the lavish lifestyle and living in air conditioner all time probably they can’t feel what global warming is. but I can agree that they might know at least it’s basic and theoretical definition. stroll your eyes on street shouting hawkers, people traveling in sleeper class of Indian Railways 😀 could be eye opening for the one who want to know what really global warming is.

Well! It’s fortunate many people have shown great concern on this issue and they are working very well to resolve it.

we aren’t discussing here the technical terms of how and why of global warming. However, we can give our small effort to contribute in minimizing this global problem by practicing some green efforts. Yes! My indication is towards planting more and more trees.

Greens are evergreen solution for all human problem, starts from Oxygen to foods & shelter, and tremendous uncounted resources and not till this it also intake all our wastages and bad air to purify them for us.

So, In order to keep our surrounding cool and fresh we should start planting trees or install many ornamental, indoor/outdoor plants at all the possible and vacant places whether it’s terrace, front yard, backyard, stairs, balcony common hall, even these plants in kitchen and bedroom work cool. It will not only to keep temperature low but also maintain our home live and attractive.

Not just planting they need care too, So, it’s very much important to maintain these plants carefully, these heats or high temperature will not only make uncomfortable to us but to these plants also.

Mr. Deepchand Prajapati ji who operate and maintain nursery in Delhi/NCR, region of India, having immense experience and knowledge about plant care. He Suggests, choosing right plants for summer session is important, try keep in consideration plants like:

Yucca plant,

Suplera green,


Money plant and

Arica palm,

As these specific plants have thick leaves which are beneficial for keeping temperature cool in surrounding.

He further added taking care of these plants is very crucial during summer and watering should be on daily basis, but make sure you water them before sunrise and after sunset. Unusual watering may harm and will have adverse result on plant.

In case growing some in-house Vegetables it is recommended to shade at least 50% and for other indoor plants 70% and no shading required for seasonal plants, if planted on ground.

He also enforces to use kitchen waste (vegetable or food waste etc.) in plants as they work as very good as organic manure.

He shares his own favorite Sandwich care method, put one hand below the leaf and wipe all dirt from above, and repeat the same steps for all other leaves… cleaning leaves with wet clothes/towel, which can result in great shine and attraction in plants.

sandwich care of plants’ leaf

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