Quick Guide to Public Speaking

By | June 17, 2017

Public speaking is an art and a science same time. To convey our message in a super effective way to people at large.

Also, considered as one of very prominent & important component of communication skill. Public speaking highly required by politician and leaders to commute their message or agenda to their follower.

So, only politician should learn public speaking?

Well! They must have to. and in earlier time people also used to think public speaking is only for the politicians. but trend has changed now. In this modern era this skill is a must have for all sector guy. Whether you are a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of company, manager, Professionals or officer serving any designation or if you are a small business owner. person having great speaking skills always have immense level of opportunity and advantage. Public speaking gives person a special recognition in society or circle.

Is public speaking terms means speaking in large people/audience only?

Well! It is not necessary though. as public speaking refers to interacting with public or your audience. But here we need to understand. it’s not only about the place or number of people you are commuting with but also what approach has been used in communication. And it starts with selection of space between the speaker and the receiver (audience). This is called Proxemics in technical term. 

Proxemics or space language says when you maintain some certain space while delivering message. mainly this space language categorize in four different types:

  • Intimation: this is one type of space language, when your distance with the message audiance is between 0 to 18 inches.
  • Personal: it would be called as personal communication. when the space maintained between the speaker with it’s message receiver is from 18 inches to 4 feet.
  • Social: and when distance maintained between 4 feet to 12 feet. this means it’s a social talk.
  • Public: this is one type of space language which, every public speaker ought to care about, when speaker intend to give public speech or presentation S/he ought to maintain at least 12 feet of distance and above.



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  1. Neeraj Sain

    Not only politicians. I think once in a lifetime you face a situation where you have to speak in public. Thanks for sharing your views Ranjit. Hope you are doing well.


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