Ten step to ensure our contribution to clean environment !!

By | July 12, 2017

Environmental pollution is a matter of serious concern. Not only for government, scholars or scientists but also for every individual on this planet. It is the biggest threat to life on earth. We all know very well that the existence of the biosphere is dependent upon maintaining a delicate balance of its various components. If this balance is disturbed. Survival of life will on biggest threat. Industrialization, mismanagement of proper disposal of waste and e-waste (electronic waste) are among few, caused for the increase in environmental pollution. Mismanagement of waste pollute not only soil but water also, and many time dent on air quality. As in many region people burn these wastes. Factories inject toxic gases into the air. And burning of ignitable fuels fills our atmosphere with tons of carbon dioxide. If this can’t be stopped from immediate response. It will cause severe damage to our environment And the life will be in danger.
Therefore, we must have to protect our environment and our mother nature. We can make our contribution towards environment by doing below ten simple steps:


Step 1: Planting trees:
By planting trees. You will not only be stepping up to save environment but also nurturing a life. As trees are natural air purifier. They purify air for all, and in today’s scenario air pollution is going on high. and we’ll need more and more plants and trees in our surrounding to make our environment clean and improve air quality. click here for know process of gardening and caring

Step 2: waste management:
Safe and proper disposal of waste is necessary. Concept behind waste management is to separate bio waste with dry waste and dispose them as required. proper segregation of waste help system to processed it further and can be re-used. that is called “re-cycle”. Bio waste can be used to make compost and mix with soil to make it more fertilize. Many scientist and experts are continuously putting their effort, to find new and more safe way of waste disposal.

Step 3: water management:
This is very important and crucial resource gifted by our mother nature. As we see scarcity of drinking water across the globe. And it is a matter of serious concern. We ought make habit of stop wasting water. Try to save them as possible. We can also install rain water harvesting near premises, with this we can not only store water in tank for our personal use, but also recharge ground water and level it up.

Step 4: Adopting renewable energy:
Adopting renewable energy is best practice. they are less harmful to nature as compared to non-renewable energy resources

Step 5: Stop littering anywhere:
Yes! Seriously. Many times unknowingly and sometime knowingly, we do not care of what and where are we throwing our waste stuff. We don’t even bother to put them in dustbin. We should always throw trash in dustbin. And in case we don’t find dustbin near us, we ought to keep trash with us and throw them when we get trash bin.

Step 6: Use Bicycle and try avoiding diesel or patrol and vehicle using same fuel:
This could be hard to follow but not impossible. Bicycle and electric vehicle can be the best alternate for commuting short distances.
As in modern age, where people are super busy and find way to save it’s time. vehicle has played very important role to minimize transportation and traveling time consumption. Despite having this great advantage this machine also has disadvantage and major one is, they are polluting our air quality. Government, private companies and many scientists are continuously working hard to find alternative of these kinds polluting fuel and vehicle. but we as a citizen ought to cooperate and perform some duty from our side.

Step 7: Avoid chemical fertilizer in agriculture:
It’s time to avoid using chemical for agriculture. And start using compost which are prepared without chemical. this will not only give healthy product in any crops but also enhance soil fertility.

Step 8: Don’t cut trees:
yes! Please don’t cut them. As they are another life. A life who gives life to all. The more tree will be the better environment. Unfortunately, today many people are just chopping them for personal benefit or for few money. City/town expansion or construction, industrial requirement, either making paper or furniture are common reason to cut trees. We ought to save trees. And avoid excessive use of “tree made products”.

Step 9: Avoid crackers for celebration or in function:

firing crackers on celebration. or in function or inauguration of any event. Many people has adopted this as a culture. and sometimes it has become symbol of status. these might be good practice, and people who do this may have no bad intention towards anybody. but with this act our nature and environment get affected. And we must understand that, we can’t imagine our existence without environment.

Step 10: Share above information to your surrounding :
Any information is futile and useless until the same is shared with others. keep sharing and comment your opinion. and  please do suggest what else could be done to save our environment.


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