Ten step to make your first flight journey successful!

By | July 5, 2017

Traveling is always fun all time. whether it’s a vacation or business trip. specially, when you like experiencing new thing like place culture/tradition, geographic environment or sometime just your mind wants to have some change. Traveling makes you feel light and knowledgeable. and it develop a sense of wisdom. The more you travel the more you get experienced.
Traveling through air may be little costlier than other, but it is a great time saver. And in today’s busy life it’s getting common and becoming a need to travel through airplane.
People hesitate on their first flight. and many times they don’t prefer to travel by air because they are less aware of proceedings.
In this article, I am trying to cover all the possible and major topics which may be helpful to make your first air travel successful .

Step 1:
To book a ticket. you can do this on internet. almost all the airlines provide online ticket booking services. but before to make final booking, make sure to do some research for best offer available. in India, you can use many aggregator tour & travel website where you can find the best offer and book with them. usually booking ticket with the respective airline’s website is less costly, than buying from third party. Open website in your browser. and navigate to book ticket, When you enter your departure and arrival city name and date then website will show you results of flights on required date with alternate date suggestion, which suits your criteria. now select the option which best suits you and hit buy when you are ready to buy ticket. and then follow buying instructions. after successful booking, you will get a confirmation in your inbox (email/sms).

Step 2:
it’s time to find your photo identity card in original. If traveling within India (domestic) or passport in case traveling internationally. in your photo identity card it could be your ( aadhaar card/ driving license/ voter ID card or any other government issued photo ID card).

Step 3:
now time to look for your luggage. you ought to make sure your luggage meets your Arline’s requirements. usually many airlines allow it’s passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal or cabin bag. personal bag or cabin bag could be your laptop, purse or necessary item which you need to use on frequent. or any other item which you think of need. you can get more detail and specification from your airlines website under baggage information section. if you carry extra weight than specified, they may charge you for that make sure you pre-check all extra fees.


Step 4:
packing time!!, pack your carry-on bag carefully. it’s not advisable to carry food on plane as they’ll serve you there. avoid any unnecessary item to pack with your luggage.

Step 5:
Arrive at the airport early. usually 1- 1.5 hour before departure of your plane. keep ready your booked air ticket with your original ID proof. you’ll need to show them at the gate to enter in airport.

Step 6:
find your airline’s counter. visit them and show them your online ticket copy together with your ID. they will issue boarding pass to you (they can allot you your desired seat in same class on your request, subject to availability). and, collect any baggage fees for checked bags and they will ask you to place your checked bags on the scale next to the desk for weighting, after that they will tag and place on a conveyor to be taken to the plane. at last make sure, you have collected your ID and Boarding pass from counter.

Step 7:
After this you will have to go through the security check. follow with the signs, at the security checkpoint you’ll have to show them your boarding pass and ID and you’ll also have to take off the shoes, jackets, belt, laptop and mobile etc. into a plastic container and send it to the conveyor together with your carry-on bag. follow security staff’s instructions and collect your belongings when all done.

Step 8:
look at your boarding pass. find “gate number” mentioned there. if you can’t?,  don’t panic you can simply check on display to find your flight and gate number. follow the sign to reach your gate. if gate is far you can use shuttle to reach there, but it’s always healthy practice to walk 😉 . keep your ear on every announcement.

Step 9:
on time!!. executives will scan your boarding pass at the gate and allow you to get your respective seat. spot your seat as mentioned on boarding pass. put your handbag in cabin and relax and listen all announcements carefully.
put your mobile phone on flight mode (as this helps pilots in their work, mobile waves create distraction in communication)

Step 10:
once flight lands, don’t forget to say thank you your pilot and air hostesses for taking care of you :). get off the plane you’ll be directed through tunnel or bus will take you to the arrival terminal. follow the sign for the baggage claim. collect your check-in bag.


Congrats!! you made your first flight journey successful.!


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